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a bite." said Prof.James Scott Br▓own, a general practitioner in Internal Me▓dicine and Common Mental Health Problems from the Surgery clinic.The Jameso

ent pa▓rts of Uganda

ni Mamba (Den▓droaspis Jamesoni) is the third dangerous pois▓onous snake which can be found in Uganda. You can find them in rain forests, woodlands, forest savanna

even in highly populated

and deforested areas. It's an adaptable specie that can also be found in areas where there has been extensive deforestation and human development, they are always foun

areas such as Kampa

d around buildings, town parks, farmlands and pla▓ntations."The symptoms of its poisonous bite are asso▓ciated with neurologic signs like loss of consciousness and trou

la. It is very strong,

ble breathing. Just like the puff adder a▓nd the Gaboon viper, it also gives destruction of tissue a▓t the site of the bite," said Dr. Nsubuga.The Dendroaspis polylepis (

but cannot lift the head fr

black mamba) is another snake specie found in the Reptile Village of Uganda. It is graceful but skittish. It is agile and can mo▓ve quickly. It is shy and secretive by nature and like most snakes it avoids threats. In the wild, a black mamba seldom tolerates humans approaching them closer than about 40 meters."▓When confronted it is likely to gape in a threat dis▓play, exposing its black mouth and flicking its tongue. It is also likely to form a hood by spre?/p>

坅ding its neck-flap as cobra does. However, the▓ mamba's hood is narrower than that of a typica▓l cobra, its threat display may be accompanied by audible hissing," said Dr. Nsubuga."During the threat d▓isplay, any sudden movement by the intruder may provoke it into a series of rapid strike

om the ground. W

hen it b

ites, it b

s leading to severe envenomation," says Dr. Winfred Ayenyo, a specialist in general medicine.Naja melanoleuca (f▓orest cobra)

it▓es hard

is among the most dangerous poisonous ▓snakes at Reptile Village. Venom bites result in severe neurotoxicity. "Death can

and low," sa

occur rapidly, wit▓hin 30-120 minutes in severe cases of envenomation,"said Dr. Nsubuga.The cobra bites invol▓ve several sympt

id Dr. Nsubu

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